Vantage Three provides consultancy services to the construction, engineering and energy industries.

Formed in 2010, Vantage Three has built a solid reputation for providing rigorous and trusted expert advice to clients across its service offering, globally.


Expert Services

Vantage Three's experts provide persuasive and reliable expert opinion and evidence on causation and quantum issues in litigation, arbitration and ADR processes.


Project Advisory Services

Vantage Three's team provides valued programme & delay, commercial & quantum, procurement & contract governance expert advice across project lifecycles.


Dispute Resolution Services

Vantage Three's professionals act as trusted panel-appointed and privately-appointed negotiators, mediators, conciliators, adjudicators, arbitrators and as experts in expert determination.



Experience map


"Extremely professional who always performed at the very highest level, and produced excellent results time after time." - International Energy Contractor on our Project Services
"Diligent and not afraid to role sleeves up. Will also strongly defend a well-reasoned position by demonstrating the logic and critical analysis." - Law firm partner on our Expert Delay Services
"Very competent, keen and enthusiastic ... . Extremely professional in approach and very reliable." - Managing Director of a Top 5 UK Contractor on our Project Services
"Highly experienced … with exceptional skills and perception. Their professional attitude and integrity is a perfect example for others to follow … very approachable and a pleasure to work with." - Employer's Representative on our Project Services
"Our working relationship is based on an open approach, and I have found through collaborative thinking our company has had a number of successful outcomes to some serious matters. Would highly recommend and will use again." - Commercial Director on our Dispute Resolution Services
"Very conscientious, produced rapid results with the advice which he gave enabled us to deal quickly with the problem in hand." - Employer's representative on our Dispute Resolution Services
"The height of efficiency, professional and attentive to clients’ needs. I am happy to recommend to my clients or indeed, anyone involved in a complex dispute in the construction sector." - Law firm partner on our Expert Delay Services
"The report was a corker" - Law firm partner on our Expert Delay Services
"Mr McGuinness's report is straightforward and credible" - International Arbitrator